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Flare - CCG governance toolkit.
Radar - mandatory training & induction toolkit.
Beacon - CQC toolkit.
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Healthcare Landscape
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RG14 5JE

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Applying for CQC registration as a singlehanded private GP was sufficiently daunting that I was doubtful if I could achieve it. I found Benita’s help in understanding both the purpose and requirements of the CQC was invaluable. She had a clear understanding of the process and of the types of evidence required to demonstrate compliance. The toolkit and policies saved a great deal of time and Benita was always extremely prompt in responding to queries. Her visit was particularly helpful and I noted a number of issues which arose in the “Fit Person” interview which I was ready for specifically because of advice Benita had provided.
Dr Nicky Lee,
Private practice G.P.

Healthcare Landscape
29 Berkeley Road
RG14 5JE

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